Here, hold this will you?

Yeah, just that end of the board. Lemme get my hammer and… no, a bit more level. There you go, just like that. Hold on – don’t move. What was your name again? Please excuse the dust. I’m in the middle of setting up the new site. Expect some real content soon.

Oh, and to answer a question that hasn’t been asked, Shoshin is a concept in Buddhism that means a Beginner’s Mind (as opposed to Mushin which is no mind – sort of acting on instinct). That means a mind free from preconceived notions, a mind that is approaching a subject as if for the first time, no matter how much experience it may have. Constantly looking at things afresh and hopefully with enthusiasm.

A long time ago, I tried my hand at teaching. It wasn’t for me. What I did learn in my short tenure was that I learned about five times as much from the kids as they ever got out of me. You see, they asked the questions I hadn’t thought of and in trying to explain the answers to them, I learned something myself. That’s really the intent here – to share what I’m discovering as I’m discovering it and to try to learn more by articulating and sharing it with the world. Hmmm. So much for a non-content holder post. Well, I’ll do better next time.


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