Character Animation Demo Reel

I’m an animator whose work you may have seen playing Injustice 2 or watching the Star Wars LEGO Microfighter shorts. I’m currently working on my storyboarding skills.

I graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in Cinema Production and a minor in screenwriting. I furthered my education at Animation Mentor and the American Animation Institute. Since coming to Los Angeles from the Midwest, I’ve worn many hats from Art Department for live-action (props, set construction, set design, etc), to actor (member of SAG, trained in voice acting with Bob Bergen, learned to mime in the Corporeal and Marceau styles, done a little stand-up), VFX compositing, reality TV logging, and even distribution.

I enjoy hobbies and crafts and have dabbled in quite a few: origami, leather work, wood carving, knot work, painting, sketching, clay sculpture, puppetry, boardgames, cooking, calligraphy, photography – I’ve tried a lot! I love to learn and find my biggest inspirations from scientific discoveries. To that end I volunteered at the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum sorting microfossils and surface preparing specimens along with some limited specimen reassembly.

It probably goes without saying, but I’m a high order nerd. The original Star Wars got me into the business. I proposed to my wife where we met: the future location of Star Fleet Academy aka the Presidio in San Francisco. I am an artisian font of trivial knowledge – it comes bubbling up unbidden and in significant quantities.

For professional inquiries, please contact me using the information below.


Paul “The Screamin’ Viking” Eppleston

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