What’s with the Screamin’ Viking?

Quick story. So, my Freshman year at college, my friends and I were creating characters for the old R. Talsorian Cyberpunk RPG. Having found out my grandmother was Norwegian/Swedish, I was on a bit of a Viking kick. And by a bit, I mean I was learning everything I can and boring the ears off of lizards talking about each new bit of trivia I came across. The DM finally turned to me and said “You’re such a screamin’ viking” in the same manner one would say “flaming idiot” or “tiresome bore”. I dug the ring of it and adopted it as my handle (nom de plume, if you prefer) ever since.

Huge shout out to Rusty from Rochester to whom I owe the whole shebang and cannot for the life of me remember his last name, let alone his real one.

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