Go Away Green

At Disneyland, when there’s something mundane they want to fade into the background, the Park paints it Go Away Green. It’s a drab greenish grey that’s not particularly interesting – not too bright, not too dark, not too anything really. Which makes it absolutely perfect for desktops, transparency backgrounds and other visual and graphics tasks.

This would be it, right here

Problem is, Disney isn’t giving out the formula for it. I looked around and noone had any simple RGB numbers to plug in. However, I happened to come across a picture of some on a textured wall, and using some pixel analysis, figured out a generic formula for it. Here we go:

R: X
G: X+7
B: X+1
90 < X < 130
Basically, an average is R: 110 G: 117 B:111. Switch over your color picker to HSB and adjust B to your liking (50% is R: 120 G: 128 B: 121 or #788079).

Have fun!

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